IT Specialist System Integration
SAXONIA Galvanik GmbH

Training company

SAXONIA Electroplating Ltd.
Erzstraße 5, Halsbrücke

Requirements for the applicant

  • Realschulabschluss with good knowledge in math, German, English and of course computer science
  • Skill - for repairing broken equipment and installing hardware.
  • Interest in technology - for the installation of new equipment
  • Perseverance - in the search for a mistake
  • Creativity - to find good solutions
  • Independence - in the planning and implementation of new projects
  • Good expressive skills - for consulting and training of users
  • The five "-KEITS": reliability, punctuality, honesty, teamwork and diligence

More information about the company

We have around 300 employees working at three locations. We are a company recognized throughout Europe in the field of electroplated plastic coating. We mainly finish decorative and ornamental elements according to the wishes of our customers. . However, SAXONIA Galvanik also supplies important international suppliers to the automotive industry, whose end products are used by the world's largest car manufacturers. The shiny components of SAXONIA Galvanik GmbH can also be found on high-quality coffee machines, in the sanitary sector and in medical technology.

Promise for your education:

  • High quality 3-year training with us
  • Experienced trainers and qualified, motivated colleagues will be happy to help you
  • Above-average training allowance
  • Direct involvement in the work process
  • Loan of a laptop to support school education
  • Works council that makes sure that everything is done the way you and we want it to be
  • Takeover upon successful completion of training
  • Responsible and varied tasks

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