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Higher vocational education: Advancement in three levels

The initial training is followed by further training at the "specialist consultant" level or similar qualifications. At the level of "Fachwirte"/"Fachkaufleute" and "Meister", specialist knowledge and/or leadership skills are tested. The top level is formed by further training courses to become a business economist or IT engineer. They impart a versatile repertoire of leadership skills as required at the operational management level. These three levels can be passed through via different vertical "advancement paths": a commercial and an industrial-technical branch as well as an IT-specific part. This is by no means a closed system; there are also numerous opportunities for lateral entrants.


Level 1: 3- and 3.5-year apprenticeships

Commercial training
With two to three years of professional experience, you can continue your education as a graduate of a commercial apprenticeship to become a business administrator or business specialist.*

* You have already reached the first level with your completed apprenticeship of the dual vocational training and is a prerequisite for the next step.

Industrial-technical training
As a skilled worker with industrial-technical training, you have the option of qualifying in a second stage to become a specialist foreman or industrial foreman.*

* You have already reached the first level with your completed apprenticeship of the dual vocational training and is a prerequisite for the next step.


Level 2: Master craftsman, specialist, specialist merchant, etc., on a par with a bachelor's degree

Business administrator
Know all the business management functions and tasks of an industry. They exist in almost all sectors of the economy such as trade, banking, insurance, industry or transport.

Are specialists in a particular functional area of a company, such as foreign trade, balance sheet accounting or human resources.

Master craftsman
Have a key position in almost all technical branches of industry, such as metal and electrical engineering, printing or chemistry. They manage work groups or entire operating facilities and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Level 3: Business economist, etc., equivalent to master's degree

Business economist
Building on this, you can now take the third step on the career ladder, further training to become a business administrator. Because you already have practical commercial knowledge, you will now be trained primarily in leadership and management techniques. In addition, you will gain knowledge in "Business Administration", "International Economic Relations" and "Legal Framework of Corporate Management".

Technical Business Administrator
Further training to become a technical business administrator paves the way for master craftsmen to enter the third stage of the education model. As technical managers, technical business administrators form an interface between management and production.

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