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Trade / trade-related services

Shopping is fun. Many people can certainly subscribe to this sentence. But before customers can choose from a wide range of products, there is a lot to be done: from ordering goods to the

Shopping is fun. Many people can certainly subscribe to this sentence. But before customers can choose from a wide range of products, there is a lot to do: from ordering goods to stocking the shelves, from designing the salesroom to the duty roster for the employees. And then, of course, expert advice is always part of the buying decision. Whether cars or furniture, food, technology or clothing - anyone who chooses a career in retail should be curious and follow the latest trends in their industry. In addition, a friendly demeanor is a top priority, on Monday mornings as well as Saturday afternoons. After all, customers want to be advised courteously and well, and more and more frequently on the environmental compatibility and technical details of products.

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Automotive salesman / woman

A fascination for fast cars is not enough - this profession requires very good math and German skills. After all, in the car dealership, in the automotive workshop, at the car rental or at the

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Only those who like to read themselves will be happy in this profession. After all, customers in bookstores trust that the dealers can also give good tips sometimes and at least the well-known authors and their works

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Some customers ask about the ingredients of cosmetics, others about the appropriate crop protection, still others about over-the-counter medicines. And then it's a matter of providing friendly and competent information,

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Warehouse clerk

Warehouse specialists work in industrial, commercial and forwarding companies as well as for other logistics service providers. Their work tasks include activities within the scope of goods handling and goods storage. Occupational qualification: Warehouse specialists receive goods and check the delivery on the basis of the accompanying documents, transport and forward goods to the company's destination, unpack goods, sort and store them according to requirements.

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Some are real artists. They no longer make bouquets only from flowers, foliage and grasses. More and more often, decorative elements are also included - there are no limits to the ideas. But before their own creativity

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Visual marketing designer

Ideas, creativity and craftsmanship are in demand. After all, anyone who wants to decorate shop windows, design appealing salesrooms, and showcase specific products at trade fairs or events

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Management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade management

Buying cheaply and ordering goods in rough quantities - if you love that, you could be happy in this profession. At least if selling is just as much in your genes. Because wholesalers

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Management assistant in e-commerce

Vacations, clothing, technology - today, almost everything can be conveniently booked, ordered and purchased via the Internet. Buying by click is booming, with online retail sales growing year on year. Even more and more location-based

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Retail sales representative

Helpful but not pushy, competent but not know-it-all - if you want to sell technology or food, clothing or toys, you have to learn a lot when dealing with customers. An open, friendly manner is the best prerequisite. But salespeople also have to be good at mental arithmetic, for example when they are asked about price reductions. In addition, they have to process